Monday, 15 July 2013

Group Activity

(1) Gather into groups of 5

(2) Each group will consist of the following roles:
-       a social worker who has had experience counselling youths;
-       a concerned parent;
-       an educator;
-       a non-Singaporean living in Singapore who is considering raising his family here and taking up Singapore citizenship; and,
-       the news editor / blogger who published the article / issue.

(3)  Select a member to pick the headline for discussion.
(4) You will be given 20 minutes to discuss your thoughts and points of view. 

The following are some guiding questions for you:
-       What were your thoughts upon reading the headlines?
-       What could be the possible adverse effect if we accept the headlines at face value?
-       What could be the likely motive of displaying such headlines?
-       Why do you think we are still able to maintain racial and religious harmony even though such headlines were presented?

(5) Sharing of your thoughts and ideas.

Racial Harmony - 3 Articles

(1) 48% of drug offenders held last year were Malay, The Straits Times 15/11/2012

(2) Indians and risk of diabetic blindness, The Straits Times 22/06/2011

(3) Why do Chinese love gambling…, Coffeeshop Talk